Kingfogl Construction Company is a family owned and operated business serving the Metro Milwaukee area since 1948. Most of the homes range from 3,600 to 8,000 square feet. Kingfogl takes pride in delivering a positive building experience for their customers.

Finest Craftsmen

One of the most important aspects of the custom home business is contracting the best tradesmen possible to complete the project in the proper amount of time. The majority of Kingfogl's subcontractors have been working with the company for many years. These long-standing relationships ensure quality and dedication of the subcontractors to each custom home.

Quality Homes

There will always be other home builders who build for less, and many who build for more. Kingfogl continues to reinforce its commitment to quality, timeliness and cost, the very same principles that were used when we built our first home over 67 years ago.